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Each set can either be concealed or melded/exposed. Concealed sets are made of tiles from your initial hand and tiles you draw from the wall. Melded sets are formed by claiming discard from other players and are explained later in the special moves section. Concealed sets are not shown to other players unless you win the hand. Melded sets are immediately shown when they are formed.

As explained earlier, the goal is to get four sets and a pair. The first player to reach this goal wins the hand. Most of the time, the winning hand will have exactly 14 tiles. If the hand includes kongs, it will have more than 14 tiles. The following are all valid winning hands:

Get three friends and sit randomly around a table, facing towards the center. Ideally you want to play on a square table that’s small enough that you can reach across easily.

Each player will be assigned a wind. A good analogy is to think of this as board game, but instead of being assigned a colored token you are assigned a direction for your seat.

Randomly assign one player to have the East seat wind. The rest of the players assume seat winds as specified by the image below: the player to the right of east is South, the player across is West, and the player to the left is North. This assignment of winds DOES NOT match the cardinal directions on a compass.

Breaking the Wall

The East player starts by rolling three dice and adding up the sum of the rolls. East uses this number to determine whose wall to break and where to break it.

Counting themselves as number one, East counts off players counter clockwise around the table until they reaches the sum. This determines whose wall they will break. For example, if East rolled 12, then they would break North’s wall.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12


Next, starting from the right side of the indicated player’s wall, East counts off stacks clockwise until they reaches the sum. they then takes the next two stacks (four tiles) after the last stack they counted. South takes the next two stacks, West takes the next two, then North takes the next two. All players continue to take stacks in turn until each player has six stacks (12 tiles). Note: players take turns going counter clockwise, but tiles are drawn from the wall going clockwise. This applies when dealing tiles and during gameplay.

Lastly, the players take their final tiles as shown below. East takes his two tiles, then South takes one, West takes one, and North takes one. If nobody claims East’s discard,
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then play resumes with the player to his right, South. Remember, players take turns going counter clockwise. For most turns, you will simply draw a tile and then discard a tile.

Many of the moves below require you to “use the most recently discarded tile.” That refers discards from other players, not your own discards. For example, you can’t discard a tile and then immediately claim it for a melded pung.

If you claim a discard to make a melded set, that melded set cannot be integrated back into the concealed part of your hand. The melded set remains visible until the end of the hand.

Normal Turn

At the beginning of your turn, you can

Claim the most recent discarded tile to make a melded pung, melded chow, or big melded kong, OR if you can’t or choose not to, you can

Draw a tile from the wall.

If you claim the discard, follow the corresponding procedure in the section.

If you simply want to draw a tile, you must:

Draw a tile from the wall. Remember, take tiles from the wall going clockwise. If the next stack in the wall is two tiles high, take the top tile. Otherwise, take the bottom tile.

Optional: Declare a concealed kong or a small melded kong. (These are explained in the special moves section.) If you declare one of these kongs, DO NOT go on to step 3. Instead, follow the procedure listed under or Small Melded Kong.

If you want to use the most recently discarded tile in a pung, you must already have two concealed tiles in your hand that match the discard. You must:
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