ugg boots on sale Like Totally Buggin

ugg boots ebay Like Totally Buggin

It’s been 22 years since the release of Clueless, and we’re totally buggin’.

If you’re a fashion lover, then you probably remember (and were obsessed) with Cher Horowitz’s high tech closet had a computer that would put together outfits, then spit them out for her to wear. She could go through insane amounts of clothing without ever having to try anything on (eliminating that inevitable mess/tornado of clothes left on the floor once you’ve finally found the perfect look for the occasion).

While the exact technology isn’t readily available to you, there are still plenty of ways you can follow in Cher’s footsteps when it comes to no mess outfit planning. So, without further ado, here’s a guide to the six best apps you can use to get the style icon’s closet experience.

If you love dressing for the occasion (or location), this is the app for you. GlamOutfit allows you to select the type of event you need styling help for. You then input weather conditions along with any other details you want known, and another user will then choose an outfit from your wardrobe they feel is fit for the event! Keep in mind: This app needs a little time to give advice. Request your styling advice at least a few hours before you’re all made up and ready to go.
ugg boots on sale Like Totally Buggin