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A 40 YEAR greyhound training career did not prepare Toowoomba man Col Byers for secret footage of animal atrocities.

Mr Byers, who trains racing dogs at his Drayton property as well as a Postmans Ridge facility, yesterday described the actions of trainers covertly filmed using live animals for bait as disgraceful.

Greyhound racing stalwart Col Byers,
ugg cheap uk Live baiting claims rock city greyhound trainer
with his dog Coin of Phrase, was shocked by images of live baiting broadcast by ABC TV’s Four Corners. Kevin Farmer

It included footage of animals being mauled as they were flung around Ipswich trainer Tom Noble track at Churchable, north of Laidley.

They saved two injured piglets which were alleged to have been kept in bags.

>> Trainers shocked at live baiting revelations

RSPCA officers raid greyhound trainer Tom Noble’s property in Churchable.

Police also charged a 28 year old woman with producing and possessing dangerous drugs after 12 marijuana seedlings were allegedly found growing at the Wotan Rd facility.

“I couldn believe what I saw on TV last night,
ugg cheap uk Live baiting claims rock city greyhound trainer
” Mr Byers said.

The extent of the cruelty and the number of people involved shocked him.

“I shudder to think what is going to happen to the people who run those tracks. I think they are in a lot of trouble.”

Mr Byers said the brutality was not good for the greyhound racing industry.

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