ugg coquette Lightning Strikes the Storm

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The Storm Brigade has been an issue for a long time, striking at various places. Most of those places have been villages within neutral or questionable territories, but a few have been the great villages themselves. This time, though, was going to be different! The leaders have all worked together, planting trackers and purposefully getting people kidnapped in order to figure out where the Brigade happens to be located/hidden. At long last, they discovered A place. Multiple places, even, on where these Brigade members go after they finish destroying things.

In the middle of the ocean, we find a rather large group of shinobi forces from the combined might of Kumogakure and Konohagakure. The Hidden Leaf and Hidden Cloud have long been allies for the past few years, so it’s rather fitting they’re working so closely together Leading these particular forces is , a Jounin from Kumogakure. The forces are currently just sailing to an X on the map. One of the many X’s. Other X’s are being taken care of by other forces, of course.

“We’re almost at the spot! Everyone prepare! Water users especially, gather your chakra so we can get to the compound!” is being shouted, and there is a lot of activity on the ship suddenly now that they were so close to their goal.

COMBAT: Hanami focuses 4696 stamina to turn it into 6000 usable chakra!

RP: Hanami transforms into BREEZE.

RPCOMBAT: Hanami defends against with a WIND SENSE finishes sharpening her chakrams in preparation. Finally, there was something she could hopefully do about this Storm Brigade business. Sadly she had had to leave Honi behind on this one, the poor wolf wouldn’t do so well out on the water. Another time maybe. But for now, it was time to hopefully put an end to this nonsense. She sighs a bit under her breath and walks to the sails; she glances at their leading jounin, Okabe, “I should be able to help boost the sails if you wish.” And if given the all clear, she’ll use her wind jutsu to do just that. Otherwise she’ll just wait for their arrival at the destination.

COMBAT: Sakuya focuses 4976 stamina to turn it into 6000 usable chakra!

RP: Sakuya transforms into ZUZU.

RPCOMBAT: Sakuya defends against with a HEBISUUHAI SENSES had no surprises for the Storm Brigade this day. No special techniques to cause them to come crashing down. She was just one of the many Chuunin who were likely going to throw themselves into the midst of combat. A hideout in the middle of the ocean. It didn’t seem as if Sakuya could use her techniques to gain any distant advantage, for even though the giant bow she wields could hit a target a mile away with proper coordination, the arrows were not built to be sent into the water. “How are we even getting down there?” She asks. Not to anyone in particular, but likely addressing Zuzu, her white serpent who remain coiled around her waist as she sit upon the ship’s deck. She spent the last few moments she had gathering her wits before the water likely swallowed them whole. When the Jounin gave the general order of preparation, Sakuya reached over to grab her oversized weapon before standing up slowly with it. She took a few somber steps over to her large quivver, full of spear sized arrows. The look of worry was clear upon her face. “Ah He said water manipulators. I suppose that means they are going to be parting the water for our approach.” Zuzu said, talking into Sakuya’s ears. “If only earth users such as yourself were of any use. Oh, right. You’re terrible in ninjutsu. You’re even less useful

Sakuya shouldered her arrows and started to move off over towards Hanami. She was indeed an individual she was working with. “Hanami chan Sakuya would nod her head to a comrade she knew and appreciated, before her head turns towards Okabe. Jounin Okabe will certainly lead them to victory. Hopefully. “Let’s pay them back for flooding Kumo.”

COMBAT: Nozomi focuses 4401 stamina to turn it into 5000 usable chakra!

RP: Nozomi transforms into NEJIGAN II.

While Nozomi is not normally up at this time of day, or any time of daylight save early mornings, she is nevertheless alert and ready. She is inspecting her flute rather closely as she finishes last minute preparations. Ang is not with her at the moment, as he is in the summons realm resting until she calls. That’s how daytime missions run for her nowadays, he rests unless she needs him. That way, his sleep is un interrupted as possible.

After finishing inspecting her flute, she brings it down in her left hand to her hip and looks over the others with her. “I’m just looking to repay them for taking our comrades,” she sings in a solemn voice that sounds more like a funeral dirge. Appropriate, since that kind of music is the last the enemy will ever hear Kasuya focuses 7857 stamina to turn it into 10000 usable chakra!

RP: Kasuya transforms into CLEAR MIND.

RPCOMBAT: Kasuya defends against with a PERCEPTION the tension of the situation Kasuya looks restful on the journey. Very restful, since she is leaning against a post with her eyes closed. She called it “focusing her faculties” but it looks like she’s taking a nap. When the call to prepare comes, Kasuya gives a little start. She’s already gathering her chakra, and making a few seals, but nothing tangible. She’s not manipulating the water or using the wind to speed along the boat. Instead she’s surrounded them in an illusion that’s changing the landscape to, put simply, make it seem like they’re just a harmless, inconsquential ripple on the water. That’s only to outside eyes,
ugg coquette Lightning Strikes the Storm
but within it’d be seen as a faint shimmer around the ship.

“This concealment illusion,” she says, “isn’t fullproof.” But it would need some close scrutiny to detect. And it might give them a bit of cover as they make this frontal charge.

COMBAT: Raion focuses 3903 stamina to turn it into 4500 usable chakra!

RP: Raion transforms into PANSA.

Raion was along on this trip, and was definitely not a water user. He has no way to help besides his ears and his claws. Possibly his healing? That said he was oddly relaxed. He wasn’t smiling like normal, but he certainly isn’t looking super serious. He just paces the ship boredly while Pansa undoubtly is curled up, waiting for a signal to stop napping. As the call to prepare is yelled out, Raion focuses Charka and makes a soft ‘clicking’ sound with his tongue which gets Pansa to wake up and stretch, getting ready for whatever was about to happen. He has nothing to offer to this group, thus he says nothing. He is simply waiting for something to happen he can actually help with.

COMBAT: Rockpath defends against DISTORTION OF REALITY(54) attack from Kasuya with a CHAKRA PINCH II that are attempting to sense much of anything would actually not get a lot. The sea air can be very hard to sense through. It’s salty, the ship stinks of fish (Raion and Pansa might be pleased with that, actually), and there’s nothing but the usual chakra wind sending the ship along its course to sense in the air. That being said, there’s definitely a ‘presence’ outside of the ship that a few of the better sensors would be able to catch. There are about four ships outside of the one that our PCs are on, and there’s a great deal of shouting along the decks to say that there are people that are around. It’s confusing, though, because there are no attacks. Furthermore, these signatures around the ship don’t feel very strong, unlike previous encounters with the Brigade Hanami defends against with a WIND SENSE frowns, drawing the wind inside her, stirring her clothes and straying hair a bit as she casts her senses out upon the wind. It wasn’t a great sensing, mostly just water, salt, and fish. But then there was something and she paused, looking about, “Well I’m not getting much out there. Just our own ships guess that’s a good sign though if we’re really approaching the Brigade’s base it seems odd.” She then looks over to Sakuya as she approaches and smiles a bit, “Glad you’re up for this. Should be interesting.” She looks out at the ocean, “Hmm, Nozomi do you think you can pick up anything more?”

It was better sensing than Sakuya could manage right now. The Hebisuuhai would cross her arms and close her eyes as she reached her senses out. She figured out absolutely nothing. Scent doesn’t penetrate the water’s edge, and vibrations are actually useless when Sakuya isn’t standing on solid ground. It’s clear she is a hillsnake, not a waterserpent. When Hanami counter approached, Sakuya opened her eyes and smiled lightly before thrusting her fist out to bump against Hanami’s shoulder. “Who is up for this? I was ordered here, but I’m going to make the best of it!” Sakuya would withdraw her fist quickly and grab her bow. A few moments later, she would step away and nail the giant bow’s stabilizing spike into the deck. Just in case. She would nock an arrow in preparation. Swivel and fire when needed. “Really should have designed harpoons What a lack of foresight Sakuya defends against with a PERCEPTION thought about things for a moment as she listened to the various voices reporting signatures. This leads her to a brief dilemma on how to proceed, but she quickly decides. Lifting her flute to her mouth, she quickly intones a few, relatively quiet notes, with “relatively” being the operative word. But still, she no longer needed loud noises, and if it weren’t for the fact that she needed to “see” in the fullest extent of her range, she wouldn’t even bother generating any noise. But she does to utilize her new perceptions to their utmost as her nejigan peers out for anything that normal eyesight might miss Nozomi defends against with a SOUND SIGHT

RPCOMBAT: Kasuya defends against with a CHAKRA SENSITIVITY eyes are closed as she maintains the illusion that marginally conceals them, but she’s not oblivious to other things going on. She might ask people to be a little bit more sneaky and less and playing music? Then again, with a boatful of powerful shinobi each with their different techniques of every kind, it won’t be a stealth mission for long. Still, she’s starting to ask for quiet when she stops as if sensing something. “There’s a strange chakra nearby,” she reports. “It’s coming from the water below.”

RPCOMBAT: Raion defends against with a MANESHI SENSES II focuses on using his enhanced senses. He didn’t hear anything odd. He didn’t see anything odd. But he Kinda smelled something different. “I smell something. Sounds like this is all building up. People talking about chakra signatures, a strange chakra below. And now something smells weird. I think being on guard would be smart right now.” Raion keeps watching and listening, and since he already caught a scent, he makes sure to make sure to try to pinpoint it so much shouting and a few sensors of their own, the Storm Brigade is able to pinpoint where all the ships are. Sorta. Not actually, but they are impatient enough to create a huge wave that would rock the ships back and forth and maybe send a few people overboard! Even with all that considered, only a few of the members would actually make their presence known. The rest of them continued to just hide in the water and use the waves to attack the shinobi and their ships.
ugg coquette Lightning Strikes the Storm