uggs knightsbridge Lid would not open on new washing machine

ugg boots 5 Lid would not open on new washing machine

FWIW, the reason you’re having to tippy toe to get the bottom pieces out is because they’ve cut back the maximum amount of water that the machine can use. It’s been cut back from 45 gallons to 25 gallons. To get the same clothes washed and cover them with water, they have made the tubs taller and skinnier whereas the old tubs were short and fat. The water level rises a lot faster in a tall skinny tub and uses less water. You’re also about to find out that the new units will not give you a hot water cleaning. The mandate says you get 2/3 hot water, 1/3 cold.

Yeah. Sounds like the child safety lock isn’t disengaging. It was a new thing to me too since before I moved into my condo, my parent’s washer was archaic like yours and you can just open the lid. Mine takes about 3 5 minutes to unlock after the cycle is over. Though since it’s been on the fritz lately, I’ve had it indefinitely lock. I have to unplug it, wait a minute and it’ll unlock with no power. Try what thecoalman said. Newer washers you can unlock it from the control panel. My washer is analog so unplugging is my only option

Welcome to the world of electronic clothes washing. A simple off and on switch with a timer is not good enough, we now have to contend with cheap mini computer chips in our washers that malfunction because they’re built cheap. Since the unit is new and you’re already having issues, it’s probably going to get worse as time goes by. This has been my experience with Whirlpool and Maytag. I finally gave up on the crap they sell these days and bought a Speed Queen. YOU control it, it doesn’t control you. But it isn’t a cheap date and time is just about out to buy one. In the year 2018, ALL washers have to have these “safe guards” and water monitoring and that includes any Speed Queens. I would strongly suggest looking into having the old unit rebuilt. Yeah, it may cost you a couple of hundred bucks but parts are available now and may not be available later. That new washer you just bought has a life expectancy of only 8 years. You won’t be seeing posts in 10 years about how long these new washers are lasting. There’s a reason all of the guts in one is all plastic it’s not expected to last long. The Speed Queens are still made from steel which includes the transmission. The new ones have plastic transmissions. Well actually our old washer (a 1995 model White Westinghouse) still works perfectly fine, it just did not have a large tub and we could not wash a lot of clothing at once and we needed something to cut down on how long we were spending at the washer. lol. We are keeping it though (putting it in storage) should the new one turn out to be highly unsatisfactory. lol. So far, no other issue with the lid, time will tell. It does have a 10 year warranty on the motor and we paid an additional $75.00 for a 4 year warranty, we may need it. lol. If it lasts 4 years, we will be doing good and will get something else if need be. perhaps that Speed Queen? 😛

OP, if your Samsung is anything like the big drum, no agitator, energy saving (that’s a lie!) GE top loader we bought when we moved into our new house, good luck with it.

I finally gave the damned thing away for free. (the people we gave it to are having the same issues of course)

No matter HOW careful I was to load it evenly, it continually stopped because of an “uneven load.” I’d dig around (on my tippy toes) to re arrange heavy,
uggs knightsbridge Lid would not open on new washing machine
soaking wet clothes, towels, etc., and soon it would stop again and again with an uneven load.

Because of this, it took ALL day to do one load of clothes. To top it off, the clothes weren’t even coming out clean.

I have a feeling you’ll be digging out your old family heirloom washer. It’s a good thing you kept it.

We bought a new (cheaper) top load with an agitator that works perfectly. The wash is done within an hour, it never goes uneven, and the clothes are CLEAN!

OP, washers made recently are all garbage. I too got rid of a perfectly good 90’s era washing machine to upgrade to something “better”. My Maytag front loader lasted a whopping 5 years. I am now on an LG that is 5 years old and is ok (fingers crossed) but when (not if) this one bites the dust I am investing in a Speed Queen. I really really wish I would have kept my old machine as I miss not having enough water. I have found my clothes do not rinse out well and the soap residue can make them smell bad. My old machine got my clothes so much cleaner with no hassles. You are lucky you kept your old machine.

Well we have had no more issues with the original problem I reported and I would say we have washed about 20 loads of clothing since then (10 days), lol. I have washed three loads in it and my mother several more. She washes a lot of garments obviously.

My mother said it never happened to her and only me that one time. I did, after that happened ran that “calibration” mode on it, so that may have been part of the issue, not sure.

It has definitely taken some getting used to, especially compared to our 1995 White Westinghouse model which is setting covered by the storage shed.

Everything seems to be getting really clean, but it does steam up the glass and I cannot see in there to see what it is doing. As Southern said above, I too am OCD and like to make sure my clothes are getting completely submerged. I have been experimenting with the settings to see which I prefer. I know the first time I used it I washed whites and put it on “brilliant whites” and a 2nd rinse and I was never able to see what it was actually doing as the glass lid was steamed up. That was the night that the lid had temporarily locked on me and it may have something to do with that setting, not sure.

The last two loads have been regular colored clothes, my khakis, t shirts, polo shirts and a light jacket. The last time I washed I put it on “heavy duty” and it seems like it took forever. Tonight I put it on “deep wash” which uses more water per the owners manual. I was actually able to see it in the rinse cycle since the lid was no longer steamed up and it seemed to be pulling down all 16 items just fine. Next time I will probably just use normal and see how well it does. Now the only issue is that now I am able to wash more clothes, our 5 year old GE dryer isn’t really large enough to handle the capacity. I guess that is next on the list to replace, lol.
uggs knightsbridge Lid would not open on new washing machine