jimmy choo uggs uk A glance at digital elements being embraced

man uggs A glance at digital elements being embraced

NEW YORK (AP) Retailers are testing high tech elements in stores, from virtual dressing to interactive shelves. Here are three trends that shoppers will see this year:

It works this way: Pick up a shoe and information pops up about the color and designer.

Who doing it? Start ups like Perch Interactive Inc. use projection light and motion sensors and detects when a product is being picked up. Perch then monitors the interactions and sends that information to the retailer.

Perch says it has worked with several accessories brands like Kate Spade who have tested the technology. Jeans maker Levi Strauss is testing the Perch technology on a few of the jeans maker essentials like the trucker jacket and the 501 jacket in one store in San Francisco and the other in New York City.

It works this way: Products like shoes are tagged with Radio Frequency Identification and when shoppers step on a carpet, information pops up on a screen, including available sizes and colors.

Who doing it? The Ugg brand is testing the technology from tech firm Demandware at its Ugg Tysons Galleria store, McLean, Virginia, and at Brands Showcase store in Goleta, California that tests new services operated by parent Deckers.

It works this way: Technology allows shoppers to see themselves in outfits without having to try them on.

Who doing it? A Palo Alto, California based startup called MemoMi has created what it calls the MemoryMirror, which is based on pixel technology and therefore makes the image look realistic and even captures the wrinkle of a dress as it moves. The technology allows shoppers to add items like coats and accessories and change colors and materials.

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jimmy choo uggs uk A glance at digital elements being embraced
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jimmy choo uggs uk A glance at digital elements being embraced
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